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Red Thread's beginings

After receiving a degree in Textiles and Clothing, I began a sweater design company called Sue P. Knits.  It was a true labor of love. I designed and manufactured sweaters for 20 plus years under this label. From there, I took a little twist and continued in the hand knitting industry, opening a yarn store and started a company where I began writing patterns for hand knitters called Olio Knits. It was also another labor of love however, I missed the sweater industry.  I picked up with Red Thread sweaters where Sue P. Knits left off. Continuing with sweaters, I am having a great time designing new styles using a colorful array of yarns. I hope that you continue on the journey along with me and see what else I find.  Thanks for visiting, Sue

Then .....

Kellie from Then Again in Evanston models a vintage Sue P. Knits sweater from circa 1995. The cardigan is from about the same time, both in wool tweeds. Both sweaters were also knit in mohair.

and now

This cropped pullover is from Spring 2024 in an organic cotton tweed. I'm still working in natural fibers and they never disappoint.

A day at work

Here I am at the One of A Kind show in Chicago, December 2023 working with customers.

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