Sue P. Knits

After receiving a degree in Textiles and Clothing, I began a sweater design company called Sue P. Knits.  It was a true labor of love and I designed and manufactured sweaters for 20 plus years under this label. From there, I continued in the hand knitting industry, opening a yarn store and writing patterns for hand knitters. Another labor of love however, I missed the sweater industry.  I am picking up with Red Thread Sweaters where Sue P. Knits left off. I hope that you continue on the journey along with me.

The idea for the name of Red Thread stems from Chinese folklore that states that everyone who is destined to meet, is connected by an invisible red thread. The original meaning specifically meant  two people as in marriage or soul mates however, more recently included adoption. I’ve taken some liberties with the actual belief however, I like to think that we’re all connected. 

 I also believe that the color red is a neutral color. Look for the red thread that runs through every sweater and keeps us connected.